These images represent many of my travels and the people that came into my life. They are encounters both with strangers and people that I became very close to. Some of the relationships had a profound effect on me. All have contributed into shaping me into the person that I am today. These images are my time capsule allowing me to reflect on my memories of the past and the significance they have had in my life.

The spatial relationship between my camera and my subjects is very important. Using toy cameras allows me that closeness because of its non-threatening appearance or it’s lack of looking like a “real” camera. This allows me to capture moments of intimacy that I feel would otherwise be lost using complicated equipment.

I am guided by my intuition when I work. These images were not planned. I strive to create pictures that evoke a sense of honesty, truth, spontaneity and realism so that people can have a direct experience based on what they know.